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We currently are not playing in a theater. Keep checking back we should know in 2 or 3 days if we have a new home in Downtown.

As soon as we get a new theater... we should be performing again in 2 or 3 weeks

This weeks spotlight belongs to John. He is the manager at River Oaks. As soon as he found out we were going to be leaving he was on the phone with another theater to find us a new home. Thanks John. You know we love you.

As you know we are no longer performing at River Oaks... however you might not know the story so I am here to fill you in. The Regional management decided several months ago that they no longer wanted Rocky. The midnight series had started up and was doing well so they saw no reason to keep on the show. However the city manager AmyBeth and our manager John fought to keep us. Well this time when it was brought up there was no room for arguement. The midnight movie series was doing better than ever and even though our numbers had improved they felt there was no longer a need for Rocky. So basicly after 12 years of showing the movie the River Oaks stopped showing Rocky. However, we were extended a privilage that no other cast had received... they let us have a final show where we were able to tell the audience what was going on instead of standing outside in the cold. It was a great last night for Rocky Horror with a large entergetic audience. So River Oaks DID have a proper send off. Again we want to thank AmyBeth, John, Roy and all of the team at River Oaks, you treated us with love and respect. We are going to miss you.